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Donate to Seminaries and Institutes: Elementary and Secondary Schools

General Information

Historically The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operated elementary and secondary schools in parts of the world where children had lacked opportunities for education. A number of these schools continue today. However, many families cannot afford the cost of travel, books, supplies and meals to allow their children to attend school. Scholarships provide a way for these young people to attend school in preparation for college, providing for their families, and serving in Church and in their communities.

Church elementary and secondary schools are supported and guided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and are managed by CES Seminaries and Institutes under the direction of the Church Board of Education. Their purpose is to assist individuals, parents, and priesthood leaders "invite all to come unto Christ" (see D&C 20:59) by helping students to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally, academically, and socially (see Luke 2:52).

Church-school students participate in rigorous academic and technical programs, daily religion classes, English language learning, and important social and leadership opportunities. Donations to a country-specific General Scholarship Fund will help students who qualify, but who may not have the resources, attend a church school. These scholarships are distributed by local committees based on student need.

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