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"You Saved My Life by Helping Me Develop My Talents"

October 2012

mo-lee-pr12 Geneticist finds life’s purpose as a mentored student at BYU

"You saved my life by helping me develop my talents," says Mo Lee, a soon-to-be graduate who benefited from donations made to scholarships and mentoring. “Without your help I might not have even made it to college, given my family’s situation.”

Lee grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, where she joined the LDS Church at age 14. “I didn’t hear about BYU until I turned 17,” she says.

She wanted to be a geneticist, and when she learned that BYU’s molecular biology department has a stellar reputation, BYU quickly became her first choice.

“I love the mentoring program in the College of Life Sciences,” she says. “Dr. ‘Keoni’ Kauwe has helped me in so many ways to become successful.”

Her lab experience impressed faculty at Washington University in St. Louis, where she interned, and she was later accepted as a genetics PhD candidate. Says Lee, “I am amazed by how many blessings I have received over the past three and a half years at BYU.”