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"You Have Helped Me Expand My Mind and Interests"

October 2012


Young scientist in math and EE labs prepares for her future as a researcher

Sara Ehlert enjoys learning how and why things work, so she chose to study electrical engineering and mathematics at BYU.

“I was interested in the unique experiences that BYU offers, like religion courses and undergraduate involvement in research,” she says.

A scholarship enabled her to focus on studying, and participating in research helped her apply information. “I really enjoy the first-hand learning that research provides,” she says.

“As an undergrad, I have worked on both math and engineering research projects, and these experiences will make me a better candidate for graduate school.”

After graduating from BYU, Ehlert plans to pursue a PhD in electrical engineering with an emphasis on biomedical engineering.

Speaking to those who give financial resources, Ehlert says: “I am grateful for your generosity; you have helped me expand my mind and my interests. From a freshman research grant to a mentorship to a scholarship, I have benefited from your donations.”

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