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"I Have Been Richly Blessed by the Generosity of Others"

October 2012


Budding philanthropist is grateful for the generosity of others

Brady Hodges will graduate later this year, having studied business management and Chinese. “I have a passion for studying behaviors, cultures, and languages — anything that involves understanding people,” he says.

Oh, and he’s also earning a minor in Spanish.

Hodges chose BYU above his other higher ed options for the spiritual opportunities, but in doing so he gave up a full scholarship elsewhere. “With the exception of my first semester, I have received scholarship assistance, and this has been a huge advantage for my family and me,” he says.

“I have been richly blessed by the generosity of others throughout my BYU career.”

“We have made a commitment to give back to BYU throughout our lives. I am grateful for donors’ sacrifices and I want them to know that I will use what I have received to bless others.”

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