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"At BYU I Learned that the Lord Wants Us to Succeed"

October 2012

jaclyn-coleman-pr12 Recent grad calls her BYU nursing education ‘amazing’ and ‘miraculous’

“You gave me an amazing gift,” says Jaclyn Coleman to scholarship donors. She is a recent graduate of the College of Nursing. “BYU is miraculous — the courses, professors, and opportunities were mind expanding.”

As a BYU student, Coleman served on the National Student Nurses Association board, created a business, was mentored by successful entrepreneurs, developed an interactive textbook, was a student nurse in Tonga, and strengthened her testimony. She says, “At BYU I learned that the Lord wants us to succeed and is willing to give us the opportunities we need.”

Coleman enjoys serving people and learning from them, so nursing was an early choice and a natural fit. “Being a nurse gives me a unique window into people’s lives,” she says.

“I am grateful for the help and support of donors,” she adds. “I will give back throughout my life in gratitude for the education I received. Donors invested in me, and I will never forget.”

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